The long battle for bus shelter continues 30/09/17 : the

The long battle for bus shelter continues 30/09/17

| September 30, 2017

How long does it take a group of councillors to get a bus shelter? A very long time it seems. Last week Cllr. Anthony Kelly     proposed that the local Borough District Council call on Bus Eireann to erect a bus shelter at the Wexford Hospital stop on the Newtown Road.

He said the stop was very widely used and a shelter was badly needed.

His call came a year after a similar motion from Cllr. Paddy Kavanagh at a meeting of the full Co. Council.

District Manager Angela Laffan revealed that on that occasion Bus Eireann said the money for such projects had been used up for 2016.

However, it appears that no money was found for the work in 2017 either with three quarters of the year now over and no proposal for a shelter.

And the District Manager also revealed that five years ago the old Wexford Borough Council has also called on the company to provide the shelter, but nothing happened.

Undeterred the councillors have sent forward the motion again seeking action.

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