Wexford streets may be dug up again by other broadband companies 29/09/17 : the chronicle.ie

Wexford streets may be dug up again by other broadband companies 29/09/17

| September 29, 2017

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The disruption caused by the major works involved with the laying of broadband cables by Virgin Media and the installation of gas pipelines in Wexford town, together with works by Irish Water could be repeated a number of times in the years to come, it has been revealed.

Despite the disruption the works have been causing they are recognised as very necessary to provide important infrastructural upgrades in the urban area.

However, members of the local Borough District Council were a little surprised to learn that the completion of the broadband works by Virgin might not be the end of digging up Wexford’s streets.

Cllr. Davy Hynes said everyone was now providing broadband offers and he asked if the other operators would be able to use the infrastructure being put in place by Virgin.

But the answer was no. The cables being put in at the moment are for the exclusive use of Virgin Media and if anyone else wants to provide a similar service around the town they will have to dig up the streets and put in their own cables.

However, District Engineer, Sean Kavanagh, revealed that no applications for road openings had been received by the local authority.

Earlier council members had raised concerns about the quality of the reinstatement works in some areas but Mr Kavanagh said that all reinstatement currently in place was temporary.

He also pointed out that many areas were receiving new footpaths as a result of the works. If it had been left to the Council’s own resources these footpaths would not have been replaced for years, he said.

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