Plans for new houses in Gorey, but they remain a secret 29/09/17 : the

Plans for new houses in Gorey, but they remain a secret 29/09/17

| September 29, 2017

There could finally be light at the end of the tunnel in respect of the chronic shortage of social housing in North Wexford.

However, what the solution will be remains a bit of a mystery with local councillors told that a number of projects and potential developments were being worked on but the details could not yet be disclosed.

The Council’s Housing Boss Padraig O’Gorman made the announcement following sustained criticism from councillors over the lack of ambition in the housing plans for North Wexford.

Despite the area having a huge housing list it lags behind other Council districts when it comes to the number of social units planned under various headings.

Cllr. Malcolm Byrne was particularly critical of the proposals as set out saying that at best just nine houses would be constructed in the area next year according to the Council’s own figures with an outside chance of a further ten more coming on stream.

He accused Council officials of not treating the housing problem in Gorey seriously at all.

Chairman Joe Sullivan pointed to the problem with the cap on Housing Assistance Payments was causing in the Gorey area. The maximum allowable was now lower than ten years ago despite rents having risen steeply in the meantime.

And he pointed out that while the cap in Gorey was €600 it was more than €700 in Carnew and he wondered why Gorey was being left behind and  demanded to know what case had been made to the Department to have the cap lifted to meet Gorey’s needs.

Cllr. Fionntan O’Suilleabhain said he would like to see more houses built and less emphasis on HAP.

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