Mystery over giant rats in Courtown 28/09/17 : the

Mystery over giant rats in Courtown 28/09/17

| September 28, 2017

Mystery surrounds suggestions that rats as big as young pigs (banbh) are living in litter bins in the seaside resort of Courtown Harbour.

The claims came from local councillor Robbie Ireton who told a meeting of the local Municipal District Council that the rats presented danger to people, particularly children who as good citizens put rubbish in the bins.

He suggested that if they put their hands into the bins they could be bitten by the rats which he said in some cases were ‘as big as a banbh’

However, the District Manager, Amanda Byrne, said Courtown did not need headlines about rats in litter bins and she said there was no evidence of any rats in the bins with no reports coming back from the workers who emptied them of a problem.

She pointed to an improving community spirit in Courtown and said the area did not need negative publicity.

But Cllr. Ireton insisted that he had seen the rats himself and had also killed some of them.

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