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Pilgrimage Season at Our Lady’s Island 26/08/17

| August 26, 2017
It’s the most sacred place in Co. Wexford and every day since August 15th. people have been travelling to Our lady’s Island to pray, meditate and walk around the Island as part of the annual pilgrimage season.

Large crowds joined Bishop Denis Brennan and members of the clergy for the official opening walk of the pilgrimage and special events will take place on various days between now and the official close of the pilgrimage with mass and a torchlight procession on Friday September 7th. The Bishop will be back in the Island again for that closing ceremony which will begin with 7pm Mass.
This week groups and organisations complete with their banners are invited to take part in a special pilgrimage day designed for them while the following Sunday the pilgrimage is a celebration of life with a specific focus on ‘remembering the little ones’. Last weekend saw a special Mass of Healing celebrated on the Island  while other events staged during the pilgrimage season include special talks of a range of topics including one on combating the effects of bullying in the workplace, at home and in school. This was delivered by Charlie Wyn from the ‘I’m A Friend’ Movement.

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