Domestic Abuse is as big a problem as burglary in Wexford 03/08/17 : the

Domestic Abuse is as big a problem as burglary in Wexford 03/08/17

| August 3, 2017

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Domestic Abuse is as big a crime problem as burglary but in many respects it is the hidden crime problem of society, a meeting of the Joint Policing committee has heard.

Although any increase in burglaries is met by huge public concern and demands for increased Garda action there is little public comment on the problem of domestic violence despite the scale of the problem.

Chief Supt. John Roche provided details of the domestic violence problem to members of the committee at their July meeting where he revealed that domestic abuse can be categorised under a number of headings including physical, sexual and financial.

A difficulty for the Gardaí in dealing with the problem is securing evidence with only between 10% and 15% of cases proceeding to court.

He told committee members that it was very frustrating when people retracted their complaints the morning after an incident.

The usual message from the victim is that they want to give their partner another chance and that wipes out the case.

The position of the Gardaí is strengthened where proceedings have been taken in the Family Courts where various restraining orders can be obtained, sometimes following lengthy proceedings.

These Orders enabled the Gardaí to make arrests when they are breached, he told the meeting.

The meeting also heard from Fran O’Grady of MEH, a group which deals with men who realise they have abuse issues and are seeking help.

She told the committee that men first have to realise they have a problem and want to do something about it before her organisation can become involved. However, there have been positive outcomes for those who have availed of their services.

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