Crime continues for fall as Garda numbers grow 03/08/17 : the

Crime continues for fall as Garda numbers grow 03/08/17

| August 3, 2017


Most categories of crime continue to fall across the county as a steady increase in Garda numbers shows results.

The latest figures presented to the Joint Policing Committee did however show an increase in burglary. However, this blip was explained by a ‘few visitors from Waterford’ going on the rampage in the South West Wexford area where a large number of summer homes were targeted.

But other crimes, including public order offences which showed a 12% drop on the year despite an increasing number of people going out, were all down.

And evidence of increased Garda activity is also seen in the number of people being detected for motoring offences.

The number of people being caught for driving while using a mobile phone has almost doubled over the past two years  while there have also been big increases in the numbers caught for speeding and not wearing a seat belt.

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