Ger Walsh Column 02/08/17 : the

Ger Walsh Column 02/08/17

| August 2, 2017

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Wexford lads still managed to get their hands on McCarthy Cup

Not only did Waterford rob us of an opportunity to appear in an All-Ireland quarter final but their criminals have been busy at work and have inflicted pain on a number of Wexfordians recently.

The Garda boss John Roche revealed  that criminals who travelled over to Wexford from Waterford were responsible for an increase in the burglary numbers in the New Ross District.

Well the Waterford guys may have beaten our hurlers and robbed our homes but they still could not stop some Wexford people getting their hands on the Liam McCarthy Cup, as our photo illustrates.

The replica was part of the Lar Corbett stand at the Bannow/Rathangan Show and it attracted a lot of attention.

I suppose that should not surprise us given the fact that it is more than twenty years  now since the real Liam McCarthy did its famous tour of the country and it will be at least another twelve months before it makes a return visit. When you think of it a good number of those who were in school in 1996 have grown up and many have their own families now.


Sinn Fein’s ‘good neighbour’ Willie

What was Fine Gael Councillor Willie Fitzharris doing in the Sinn Fein tent at the Bannow/Rathangan Show?

He certainly looked very comfortable in the company of his Sinn Fein colleagues. Was he laying the foundations for a future Coalition between the two parties?

Well no, actually. Willie says he was merely being neighbourly and friendly. Sein Fein put considerable effort into their tent at the Show with national representatives always on hand to provide back up for their local councillors.

As usual the Fine Gael tent was positioned just a short distance away with plenty of promotion for the party’s two local TDs (now Ministers D’Arcy and Kehoe)

Fianna fail no longer takes a stand at the Show.


New Mayor does a nose job on Davy

When new Chairmen take up their positions at the various local councils they are always anxious to stamp their authority on proceedings at their first meeting. They certainly don’t want to be adversely compared to their predecessor by allowing the meeting to drag on.

Jim Moore no doubt had this in mind when he took the Chair for the July meeting of Wexford Borough District Council.

But the Kilmore man’s efforts nearly came unstuck when in his desire to get through the business he came up against a bit of a stone wall in the form of councillors Ger Carthy and Davy Hynes.

Carthy was determined to get answers to his questions and persisted in repeating his questions initially forcing Jim to backtrack a bit. But the new Mayor decisively won the exchanges with his Our Lady Island colleague when he finally declared that he had been given his answer. He mightn’t like it, it might not have been what he wanted to hear but he had the answer and they were moving on.

When a Davy Hynes question was ruled out the Wexford town man suggested the new Mayor had bitten the nose off him. If he did the new Mayor must have some magical powers because he never left his seat at the top table and Davy sits at the other end of the Chamber.


Everyone is paid too much in RTE

It looks as if there is a right head of steam building up about the different pay rates for men and women presenters in RTE. Following the outcry about pay difference between the sexes in the BBC the national broadcaster is now coming under pressure to publish in a timely fashion the fees paid to its top earning broadcasters.

It seems that the majority of top earners will be men and that is set to spark a major debate. However, the real debate should be about the general amounts being paid to RTE stars in a small country like this.

RTE may say that they operate in a competitive environment and their top stars would go elsewhere if they did not pay these fees.

But would they? RTE’s main radio competitor, Newstalk, has probably learned a painful lesson as a result of their experience in paying megabucks to Pat Kenny to lure him from the national broadcaster.

His audience is only a fraction of that which he enjoyed with RTE and he is being hammered in the ratings by Sean O’Rourke.

While O’Rourke is a good broadcaster and is doing a fine job in the mid-morning slot, this experience does illustrate that to a great extent it is the RTE brand and not necessarily the broadcaster that delivers the big audiences so there really is no need for RTE to be paying such money to their ‘stars’. If they left they could easily replace them.

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