How to disappear the housing waiting list 01/06/17 : the

How to disappear the housing waiting list 01/06/17

| June 1, 2017

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People could be knocked off the housing waiting list without their knowledge if they failed to respond to Co. Council letters seeking to update the status of applicants.

And it can come as quite a shock to some people because they may not have received the form seeking the update in the first place.

The problem arises when people move address and the council letter gets delivered to their old residence. It’s a particular problem because most people on the housing list are in rented accommodation and may move regularly.

Councillors in Gorey have warned that people should not automatically be removed from the list just because a reply has not been received. In some instances people had been removed from the list more than six months earlier when they checked their status.

Cllr. Joe Sullivan said that at a minimum no one should be removed until they had been issued with a registered letter informing them of the need to reply.

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