Third Level for St. Senans——–saviour for Enniscorthy or Pipe Dream? 31/05/17 : the

Third Level for St. Senans——–saviour for Enniscorthy or Pipe Dream? 31/05/17

| May 31, 2017

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Enniscorthy Councillor Paddy Kavanagh has long had a dream that a Third level Institution which included a major facility for the provision of apprenticeships could be established in the old St. Senan’s building in Enniscorthy

It was one of the aims which he highlighted when he took over as Chairman of Council last June and at the May meeting of the Council he brought the proposal that little bit forward when he had Tommy Kelly, who has been working on the project, lay out the plans before a full Council meeting.

The idea which the promoters have for the old St. Senan’s complex would absolutely transform Enniscorthy and indeed much of Co. Wexford.

Bringing in a few thousands students and millions of euro each year the facility could  turn Enniscorthy from a limping along rural backwater to a thriving young town where service sector jobs would provide huge opportunities not just for people in the town but also for those from a much wider area. There would be stacks of money for people with property to let, pubs and off licences could expect a bonanza, there would be a much increased demand for transport services and much more.

In short Enniscorthy would be transformed.

At Council level most people were supportive of the project. And why wouldn’t they?

One man who is opposed to this ‘solo’ as he describes it is Labour councillor George Lawlor. He fears that any effort to develop a Third Level facility in Enniscorthy at this stage could provide the authorities with an opportunity to stall on the plans for a Third level project for Wexford town.

The land for that has already been provided opposite Wexford racecourse and it is what all attention should be focused on, George insists.

He was full of praise for Kavanagh’s ambition but seemed to hold out little prospect of the ambitious project getting anywhere.

If George was hinting that the Enniscorthy project was really pie in the sky Paddy Kavanagh has a similarly dismissive view of the Wexford proposal. He says first of all that there is no reason why the two proposals could not be promoted side by side but argues that the Wexford plan is simply on too small a scale to have any lasting impact.

Already the Enniscorthy group has held a lot of talks with various university big wigs and they are convinced there is a real chance to make progress.

On his recent visit to Wexford Leo Varadkar visited the St. Senan’s site with Kavanagh and the two local TDs, later posting a picture of the visit on his Twitter account.

Kavanagh and Co. will be hoping that once inside the Taoiseach’s Office Leo can pull the levers which will make the bring the project closer to some sort of reality rather than disappearing into a pipe dream.

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