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Tenants who dumped I back yard provided with free bins 31/05/17

| May 31, 2017


Some local authority tenants who have allowed refuse to build up in their back gardens until it posed a health danger to neighbours as a result of attracting rodents may have had the rubbish removed for free by the local authority and then been provided with free bins by the Council in a bid to stop the rubbish pile up happening again.

That is certainly the contention of Fianna Fail councillor Malcolm Byrne who wants tougher action taken by the Council against those who cause problems in residential areas by allowing refuse to pile up on their property.

Byrne has contended that in some instances free bins were provided to the offenders which caused outrage among their neighbours.

While that has not been confirmed by Council officials it has not been denied either and it appears that in some instances it may have happened.

Byrne is furious over the entire way these problem tenants are dealt with. In the first instance almost no action is taken until rubbish becomes visible from the road leaving neighbours to put up with the problem without any assistance and then when action is taken the local authority appears to bend over backwards to assist the wrongdoers rather than punishing them which is what Byrne and their neighbours would like to see.

The manner in which ‘bad’ tenants are dealt with by the Council is becoming an increasing bone of contention between the Executive of the Council and a majority of members. While the officials cite legislation and the requirement to  deal fairly with all tenants many members feel that those who abuse their property and have no respect for their neighbours are treated in a softly softly way by the Council and are almost rewarded for their wrongdoing.

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