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Wexford families get chance to make history 16/12/16

| December 16, 2016

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Did your grandparents recall the day Nazi bombs rained down on the village of Campile in August 1940, killing three women?

Or when a German bomber crashed into the Blackstairs Mountains, killing the four-man crew.

Maybe members of your family were present for the visit of US President John F Kennedy to his ancestral home, near New Ross, in 1963.

You may be surprised at the times in which our recent ancestors lived, according to a new company which aims to make the past a present for future generations with a revolutionary new way of compiling family histories, which will prove a boon for those planning upcoming celebrations.

A unique new service, Histories In The Making, presents people’s family research in a readable and informative way, putting that information into a wider historical context and delivering it in a way that is readable for all the family.

They also deliver that research in more tech-friendly way by offering their clients updatable, interactive web pages that can be sent to family members all around the globe.

Most families have an amateur historian – the one person who provides information on the family tree if a milestone celebration or gathering is planned.

However, with the oral tradition dying, and many families now connected digitally around the world, there is a fear that this information will become stagnant or lost.

‘We want to package the past for families. Very often, people will either have scraps of information about an ancestor or they might have a vast tome of genealogical research that is difficult to read,” said David Lawlor of Histories In The Making.

“As the country starts to wind down its centenary celebrations for 1916, one thing is for sure – the past has never felt so present in all our lives.

“Over the course of the year, families here and abroad have looked back at 1916 and at broader events in World War I to see what their ancestors did during that seismic time in history.

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