Concern over takeover of parish property by Diocese 18/09/16 : the

Concern over takeover of parish property by Diocese 18/09/16

| September 18, 2016

Wexford County Council 01

A proposal to transfer a small strip of Co. Council owned land to facilitate services art St. Senan’s Primary School in Enniscorthy hit an unexpected hitch at a meeting of Wexford Co. Council this week.

The transfer of the land had the full backing of the members of the Enniscorthy Municipal District, but the original plan to transfer the land to the Board of Management of the School had to be changed when it emerged that the school was actually in the name of the St. Aidan’s Diocesan Trust.

Cllr Robbie Ireton objected to the land being transferred to the Trust saying that large amounts of valuable property across the county was being transferred away from parishes to Trusts and no one knew who controlled them.

Enniscorthy members pointed out that the transfer involved a very small portion of land and they said they would not like to see the matter delayed although a number of councillors accepted the point being made by Mr Ireton.

Mr Ireton said a lot of parish land was being given over to trusts and it concerned him that it was being taken away from the people of the parishes.

Cllr. John Hegarty said he believed Cllr Ireton had a point and the ownership of such properties was something that needed to be addressed in the future.

Because members from Enniscorthy wanted the transfer to go through the meeting agreed to it but the Diocesan Trust is to be informed of the concerns of councillors over the transfer of property away from parishes.

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