Wexford motorists continue to drink and drive 16/09/16 : the chronicle.ie

Wexford motorists continue to drink and drive 16/09/16

| September 16, 2016

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There has been another increase in motoring  offences across the county with  more people caught for using mobile phones while driving, speeding and failure to wear seat belts than in the previous year.

And for the second year running there has been a jump in the number of drunk drivers detected on the roads of Wexford  with one hundred and seventy people arrested for being over the limit in the eight months to the beginning of September, a 15% increase on last year.

However, there was a fall in the number of motorists caught for speeding by the gatso vans and there was a very good reason for this———–there were fewer speed detection vans on the road this year because a shock increase in the number of fatal accidents on the roads of Tipperary meant that all the available vans were sent to that county for a period.

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