Building site irregularities claim: Council has ‘nothing to hide’ 11/02/16 : the

Building site irregularities claim: Council has ‘nothing to hide’ 11/02/16

| February 11, 2016

The complete files relating to the transfer of lands which facilitated the construction of government offices, including the Department of Social Protection Building ,in the centre of Wexford town almost two decades ago are to be opened to members of Wexford Co. Council following allegations that there were ‘irregularities’ involved in the various transactions surrounding the complex deal.

Senior Executives at the Council have moved swiftly to attempt to remove a cloud of suspicion which has developed over the local authority since Socialist TD Joe Higgins made his claims about the deal in the Dail some weeks ago.

This week Council Chief Executive Tom Enright welcomed the opportunity to address the claims and said there was no need for any councillor to put down a motion seeking to have the opportunity to view the files because they would be available to any member on request.

He was speaking following a motion on the issue from Cllr. Deirdre Wadding. He said he could not address the claims in any specific way because no detail of any irregularities had been provided to the local authority.

Already the Director of Services responsible for the Wexford District. Tony Larkin, has been to the Council basement to seek out all the files relating to the transaction and he has spent hours pouring over them.

Council officials moved decisively to dismiss any notion that there was anything to hide and offered to make all the files available to every single member of the Council for viewing.

And they went further offering to provide access to the files to interested members of the public subject to being able to put in place protections for other people mentioned in the documents.

The move satisfied People Before Profit Councillor, Deirdre Wadding, who did not press the issue of seeking to have a full investigation of the transaction.

Cllr Davy Hynes, who had been a member of Wexford Borough since 1997 said he had never heard any concerns raised over the transaction until last month.



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