Many homeowners issue open invitation to criminals 22/10/15 : the

Many homeowners issue open invitation to criminals 22/10/15

| October 22, 2015

Lock your doors, close your windows and don’t issue an open invitation to thieves to enter your house———-that was the simple message from the Wexford Garda Chief as he appealed to householders to help defeat the criminals this winter by making it more difficult for them to carry out simple robberies.

With the clock going back this weekend the evenings will be darker and that is the time of the year when thefts from private homes spike. Under the cover of darkness thieves spend their time searching for houses with easy access and evidence shows that many householders virtually issue a ‘come in and rob me’ invitation to criminals.

Supt. Roche revealed that most break-ins from houses happen as a result of windows being left open or rear doors being left unlocked. Often people are in the house but do not hear the intruder and know nothing of an incident until they discover a handbag or a wallet has been stolen.

His basic message was that people can do a lot themselves to prevent robberies from their homes by ensuring that simple security measures are in place.

He made his comments at a meeting of the Joint Policing Committee for the county in response to comments from Councillor Barbara Ann Murphy who said that while she had been canvassing recently she detected a great deal of fear in rural areas with people afraid to open their doors.


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