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Exit Daddy Browne 10/10/15

| October 10, 2015

John Browne, or Daddy Browne as he is bring referred to in Fianna Fail circles, finally announced his retirement last week leaving the way open for a tough battle between his son James and Malcolm Byrne to succeed him.

Word has it that the Browne Machine has been working overtime in an effort to ensure that Byrne’s attempts to get on the Fianna Fail ticket are frustrated.

Byrne is regarded as potentially the strongest of the potential Fianna Fail candidates and that is a very good reason for the Browne camp to make every effort to ensure that he does not make it to the general election line up.

It looks as if the delegates will be asked to select one north and one south candidate. Michael Sheehan should make it through in a battle with Michael Whelan in New Ross, but it could be close. However, the bitterness of the divide in New Ross Fianna Fail means that the non New Ross candidate will hold a big advantage leaving James Browne in the driving seat to succeed his father in the Dail at this stage, unless the party decides to opt for three candidates which would ensure a place for councillor Byrne and a real battle between the two.


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