Can this championship be redeemed? 09/10/15 : the

Can this championship be redeemed? 09/10/15

| October 9, 2015

Well, well, well , we are getting to the interesting stages in the local championship with the semi-finals down for decision next weekend.

And you know when I think about it that says it all because these really are the only interesting stages in this championship because all in all it has not been a wonderful championship when you look back at it.

Fair enough some of the games were very close and exciting from that point of view, but that does not mean there was a great standard of hurling or anything like that. It was poor enough really most of the time so let us hope that the next few games will liven things up a bit and give us something to remember in 2015.

So who do I fancy?. You have the Harriers taking on Oulart and Glynn facing St. Martins. I’d have to start with the Harriers now wouldn’t I. Most people will have already marked Oulart down as finalists but I think this game will be a lot closer than most people think.

The Harriers won’t fear Oulart, they have already beaten them in the league semi –final and looking back to last year Oulart scraped through, just about. So there will be no fear there and all my hopes and heart will be with the Harriers, but I still have to say that I slightly fancy Oulart to come out on top in this one.

But don’t write off the Harriers and it will certainly be no shock to the Wexford town lads if they do manage to see off Oulart.

I think the second game will also be close, although a lot of people fancy St. Martin to make it through. Glynn always believe in themselves and with a young team they will give the Piercestown men a run or their money.

But I will still have to go for St. Martin’s——-but only just. The difference really is that they have plenty of experience in their team mixed with some up and coming talent and the mix may just be too much for their opponents. So it’s an Oulart V Glynn final for me


Rugby delight

Well are you all glued to the Rugby World Cup. So far so good for Ireland and wouldn’t it be great to go on and win it, beating England in the final just to put the cream on it——well that’s if England can reach the final, I know we can.

In all these major tournaments there is a moment or a game which catches the imagination and it will be heard to better Japan beating South Africa, What a moment in sport that was. You couldn’t help yourself getting overjoyed at that result, could you?

The whole tournament has been a great success so far and hats off to England for such a well organised event. I am really looking forward to the next few weeks.


Miracle of the United ‘fans’

I thought Man United had lost all their support around Wexford. I mean they were invisible for the past year or so———-no one in sight. But now United are back on the top of the Premiership and you know what, it’s a bit like the miracle of Lourdes————United supporters are appearing all over the place again.

Whatever about the fair weather fans, I think it’s great to see united back at the top.


By the way, in case you haven’t noticed, Christmas is just around the corner. Where did that year go? And by the way did I tell you who I fancy to win the All Ireland next year———well Tipperary, of course. See you soon.


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