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A&E 08/10/15

| October 8, 2015


And we thought August was busy for us. Between having babies, starting new jobs, college, weddings, TY balls, birthdays and all the rest we haven’t had a second to ourselves and we can’t wait for things to quiet down a bit.

There’s some good news in the works hopefully to be announced in the next few weeks too but we’ll announce all in due time. I think we’re both ranted-out from the last few weeks so we’ll be keeping away from that this week.

TV Series of the Week

Friday Night Lights

Usually I hate this type of patriotic American TV show. This one’s a bit different though. I’ve been plagued for months about getting into it – surprisingly enough, all by lads – so, eventually I gave in and started. It’s 10 times better than I expected it to be. If you’re in to cheesy American TV shows, you’ll love it. And even if you’re not, you should definitely give it a try.

Some of the acting is a bit dodgy in the first season but I’ve been assured it improves a bit. Basically it’s set in a Texas high school where American football is all that matters. The show revolves around the football team but has more to do with their lives outside the sport than anything else. The team’s top player, Jason, who was destined to go pro, gets injured and it’s all about his road to recovery and his replacement as quarterback and everything else along the way.

I’m about 25 episodes in after a week and I’m officially addicted. Definitely worth checking out on Netflix!

Adam ennis

Tune of the Week

Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean

Best song in the whole world by my favourite person in the world. Hate him or love him, this is a banger! Probably the most anticipated song this year and it didn’t disappoint. #Cracker..

Adam Ennis

Greatest Pub in Town

While still providing aural pleasure to the ears of Wexford by spinning the best tunes going I’ve learned a new trade in the last few weeks in my local bar Bugler Doyle’s. They have always boasted having the nicest pint of Guinness in the world and now I can pour it (just about) . Not only that it’s my Local and new workplace but it also is the #1 pub in Wexford. If it’s a quiet pint (front bar) or a mad one (Back Bar) you are after it caters for everyone especially during big sporting events when the atmosphere comes alive. (Now that little piece should impress the boss, don’t you think) I’ve been delighted to have been asked to help out in event organising in the pub. I love doing that nearly as much as Dj’n. First event will be 30th of October and of course it has to be fancy dress being the night before Halloween. Adam will be giving us a help on the night. And we plan a lot more between now and Christmas, I’ll keep you posted..

Eoin Healy


We Are Going Up!!!!

Amazingly one of the less reported news stories in local media & Social Media outlets is that of the fantastic achievements that Wexford Youths have come to complete this year by getting promoted to the Premier Division in Ireland. Not only have they got promoted but they have done it in absolute style. Founded in 2007 there have been struggles on and off the pitch through the years but under the guidance of Shane Keegan they have put everything to bed and have progressed beyond anyone’s imagination. With Danny Furlong banging in the goals week in and week out they also have the league’s top striker who I’m sure will have no problem finding the net in the Premier Division . Wexford Youths are a club on the up, the women won the 2015 league title and competed in this year’s champion’s league qualification only to narrowly miss out on the group stages. An underage structure is also in place at the club which I’m proudly involved in as I coach the u12’s. There are three teams from u11-u13 which will hopefully provide the youths and the senior team with locally produced talent in the future and believe you me we have a few stars in the making out there. With all this positive news fingers crossed that more people will support the club in the Premier Division and they get more media coverage as all the sporting coverage is on under achieving GAA teams and not a winning soccer team for some reason. FORZA YOUTHS

Eoin Healy



Pierces Wexford Town


Our Gigantic glamorous Tesco wasn’t always a shining bright building at the end of King Street as we know it today. It was once home to the biggest employer in Wexford.


Useless Fact of the Week

 RTE’s ‘The Late Late Show’ is the world’s longest running talk show!!!! I have no idea why as I personally think it’s the worst thing ever and would gladly watch Graham Norton or Jonathon Ross over it any day of the week.

By Adam Ennis and Eoin Healy

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