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Under 21s are better than their effort against Limerick 26/09/15

| September 26, 2015

I said here two weeks ago that our Under 21s would face a difficult task in their bid for All Ireland glory against Limerick and my fears were unfortunately justified. However, I think our lads did not really do themselves justice on the night.

Limerick displayed a real hunger for success and they imposed themselves on the game right from the start. They ran at Wexford nonstop and did not allow our boys to settle and to be truthful I think it took Wexford at least a quarter of an hour to find their footing at all in the game.

By that point Limerick were well into their stride and had a few scores on the board. Then when Wexford got off the mark and finally looked as if they were getting a grip on this Limerick outfit, the Shannonsiders simply moved up a gear and took total control of the game.

I had been saying all along, based on the two semi-finals, that Limerick looked a lot stronger than Wexford who had struggled somewhat against a very weak Antrim outfit.

Even though we went in a the break seven points down I though JJ and the management team would have been able to fire up the lads during the break but if anything we were even worse in the second half, while Limerick got stronger and stronger.

This was not the same Wexford team that had looked so sharp in landing the Leinster title two months earlier. They were hurling very well in early summer but somehow they lost their way after the Leinster final and the performances we saw in the final and against Antrim were a pale shadow of what this team are capable of.

In the final we looked lost for long periods and our first touch was way off the mark and most of all we lacked the pride and passion which Wexford teams are so well known for.

Our star players tried hard to drag us back into the game but to no avail mainly because Limerick just marked them out of the game. In short Limerick seemed to have a good solid game plan and they stuck to it while our lads, if they had a plan, they were not allowed to carry it out.

While the final was disappointing this Under 21 team did us proud over the summer and provided us with some great moments and memories, so thanks for that

My team of the year

With all the hurling now out of the way it is time for me to pick my team of the year. I suppose it is a sign of the way things are going in the game that players from just four counties make it into my first fifteen.

Here’s the line up: 1) Calm Callanan (Galway) 2) Paul Murphy (Kilkenny) 3) Joey Holden (Kilkenny) 4) Cathal Barrett (Tipperary) 5) Austin Gleeson (Waterford) 6) Tadgh DeBurca (Waterford) 7) Cillian Buckley (Kilkenny) 8) David Burke (Galway) 9) Michael Fennelly (Kilkenny) 10) Jonathan Glynn (Galway) 11) Richie Hogan (Kilkenny) 12) T. J. Reid (Kilkenny) 13) Joe Canning (Galway) 14) Seamus Callanan (Tipperary) 15) Jason Flynn (Galway)

Hurler of the Year: T. J. Reid (Kilkenny)

My Team of the Year: Galway

My team to win next year’s All Ireland: Who else but Tipperary.

by Larry O’Gorman


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