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A&E 12/09/15

| September 12, 2015

Soccer is Back!!!

Most men love August/September for one reason and one reason only….. Soccer is back and they are hoping to see their team do well for the season ahead. The Transfer Window shut last week with a desperately badly run – clubs trying to sort deals out last minute, panicking and throwing millions at random players ie. Manchester Utd … the whole thing reminds me of an old drunk man in a strip club with 10 minutes remaining to closure and the old man, of course, being LVG (their manager).

They bought a random player who is super-good on the PC game Football Manager. Obviously LVG is a big fan of the game as nothing the player in question, Martial, has done in real life can justify his enormous transfer fee and make him become the most expensive teenager in world football and overtake the overweight pie-lover Luke Shaw as the most expensive player in British football.

Manchester Utd are single handily ruining football as we know it by buying very average teenagers for stupid money which is pushing the value of every other average footballer up as well which is having a negative effect on every other club who don’t have the same financial backing as Utd . Yes, you can say Man City are spending way too much also but they are buying world class players unlike Manchester Utd who are spending millions on players who play against Tombrack’s second team week in week out over in the rubbish French league.

Other teams like Liverpool have some morals and integrity when it comes to transfers and their net spend has not been too high in transfer dealings in years gone by. In my view that is the way to run a club..

There was uproar from the unknowledgeable deluded United faithful when David Moyes bought Fellani and Juan Mata (Arguably their second best players last year) which saw #MoyesOut trend on Twitter daily but in fact if you compare the two managers It’s quite astonishing how they can be happy with the great LVG.

LVG: Played 50 Won 27 Total Spent €342Million

Moyes: Played: Played 50 Won 27 Spent €90Million

That figure speaks volumes and not just in terms of money It just goes to show not only are United a bit clueless but the whole board at United are just as bad. In my opinion they have always been a very average club except for having one of the greatest managers football has ever seen, Sir Alex Ferguson.. He single handily turned a struggling Manchester Utd to the best team in the world and won a treble in 1999. Even in his last season at Old Trafford when managing an extremely average group of players he won the league with something to spare which proved how important he was. Since the day he left the club Manchester United have turned into the Titanic of football, some could argue they’re the new Leeds Utd; desperately throwing cash at players who have no interest in playing for the club. I’m sure the Asian community who travel long distances to fill Old Trafford are devastated by the goings on.


Tune of the Week

Feder – Goodbye

Words can’t even describe how good this song is. Surely the favourite for a Grammy, recently voted the best song in the world by myself and Adam and well deserved at that. I play this in my DJ set for every occasion – from 18ths to 90ths everyone loves this tune. You’ve definitely heard it on Beat over the last few months, but we just can’t get enough of it! #Belter



Throwback to 2002 when the greatest band of all time ‘Busted’ released one of the greatest albums you’ll ever hear featuring unbelievable songs like ‘What I go to school for’ ‘Year 3000’ & ‘You Said No’ still 13 years on I know every single word to every single song and I’m proud to say it was the second album I ever bought after the fantastic album by Dustin the Turkey. Myself and Adam even managed to throw ‘Year 3000’ into our sets over the grad season and as always, it went down a treat!

10 Tips for Freshers

CAO offers are all finalised which means a new batch of freshers are about to arrive at colleges around the country. Most students have absolutely no idea what to expect and no doubt, they’ll end up making some rookie mistakes in the first few weeks.

Here’s a list of a few do’s and don’ts to get you through your first semester:

  1. Suppose I’ll get any serious tips about your course in first. Try actually going to lectures. It sounds obvious, but your class numbers will drop every week until your sitting in a lecture hall by yourself because the lecturer hasn’t even bothered to turn up. Do SOME work and it makes it 100 times easier for you at exam time…apparently.
  2. Everyone’s in the exact same boat as you so don’t freak out about not knowing anyone. Just go talk to a random stranger. If they’re a weirdo just move on to the next person. Repeat until you find someone who isn’t still obsessed with Wrestling or Pokemon.
  3. Clubs and Societies are an unbelievable good way to meet new people with the same interest so definitely look them up and join some. Don’t go overboard and spend a million euro joining every single one like I did in first year. That’s beer money and it’s precious. Join the ones you’re definitely going to go to and actually make an effort. There’s Clubs and Socs for everything!
  4. Depending on where you’re going to college, your usual full McKenzie trackie probably isn’t going to cut it, so go buy some new clothes. Jeans and t shirts are safe.
  5. Never pre drink with Buckfast. It’s the devil’s drink and unless it’s on sale, stay away.
  6. Lads, pay for her taxi home the morning after. It’s the sound thing to do! But don’t part with one of your favourite hoodies because she tells you she’ll give it back. You’re NEVER gonna see her again!
  7. If something’s free, get it. Money determines pretty much everything you do in college. The more free samples you avail of in Tesco, the more you can do. Same goes from free pens, and everything else you can get for free. FREE STUFF!!
  8. Assuming you’re living away from home, you’ll have a room-mate. To avoid hating each other, try be clean. 100% of room-mate fights happen because someone didn’t clean something. Do it.
  9. I know I already mentioned pre drinks but it needs to be thrown in twice. As I said before, money’s fairly vital when it comes to going out. Pre drinks are your one chance to save money. €4 euro bottles of wine from Tesco were our best find last year. Scout around for the cheapest drink possible. Buy loads and loads and you won’t have to worry about buying a drink in there because you probably won’t make it out. Problem solved.
  10. Biggest tip I have is to do as much as you can. Get involved in everything, meet as many new people as you can, go out as much as you can. First year’s the best time to do it and if you don’t you’ll probably regret it.

by Adam Ennis and Eoin Healy


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