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A&E 27/08/15

| August 27, 2015


Finally we’re back from our long break away. As expected, August has been super busy for us both. Between grads, parties, end of summer balls and our day jobs, we haven’t had a second to ourselves all month. We’re seriously looking forward to the summer being over and getting back to reality. We are enjoying the small bit of sunshine once a week and creeping on everyone’s grads though! Getting loads and loads of questions about our Junior Cert results night this year because usually we’d have something up by now. All we can say at the moment is that there’s something in the works, so don’t worry!

Tunes of the Week

#1 Andrew Berry – Me & You

Local singer/songwriter Andrew who is taking huge strides when it comes to music has recently recorded his first song and it’s an absolute belter which has racked up over 1,000 views on social media. Andrew is constantly climbing the ladder in the music industry and his unique sound and voice will certainly lead to him climbing to the top of that ladder.

#2 Sigala – Easy Love

No doubt you’ve heard this song a million times in the last few weeks. If you don’t recognise the name, it’s the Jackson 5 remix that Beat have had on replay for the last month. Absolute cracker of a summer tune. Nothing worse than a bad remix of your favourite songs, but this one definitely didn’t disappoint. It’s also been the most Shazam’d track across the South East this summer.

Yik Yak Rot

Anyone on Facebook a few years ago should remember phases like AskFM or Spillit which eventually ended up dying out and everyone was happy again. Well, what started out as a new fun app for college students could well be headed in the same direction as the others. Yik Yak is relatively new to Ireland and definitely to Wexford. It’s basically an app that allows people to post anonymously for anyone in a 5 mile radius to see. I’ve been on it about a year now and it’s a right laugh up in Dublin where there are loads of people on it and everyone’s e using it properly. Whether it’s asking anonymous questions and actually getting honest answers, trying to guess which one of your friends put something up and getting something relevant trending, it can be brilliant!

Of course it comes to Wexford and all the anonymous name calling and abuse starts . I downloaded it again the other day because I heard people were starting to use it down here. I was delighted to hear of people starting to get on board until I actually went in and saw some of the rot people were putting up! It’s basically turned into a platform for people to abuse others when they wouldn’t say it to their faces. *Uninstalls*

If you get your laughs from abusing someone anonymously, you should probably sit down have a think for yourself. If you’re going to use the app, use it properly, otherwise get off it and go play with traffic. Sooouund!


Useless Fact

In Finland phone throwing is an official sport. They actually have competitions to see who can throw a phone the furthest!! Hahahaha! Might head over and see how far I can lob this iPhone. Battery would probably be dead before it hit the floor!

Blast from The Past

Surfing through Facebook once again and came across this gem of one of the county’s favourite Chinese restaurants,The Lotus House. No idea of the date of this picture but if you know please let us know on twitter @djeoinhealy or @I_Rant_A_Lot


What’s Hot? What’s Not?

Hot – Megan Fox

Good news lads!!! Megan Fox is now single so if you fancy your chances why not give her a tweet or her management team an e-mail, myself personally I have sent around 67 messages but she must be busy having lunch or something….

Not – Kylie Jenner

Professional attention seeker Kylie Jenner just doesn’t seem to leave the limelight these days and the recently turned 18 year old could be following her sisters footsteps as she embarks on a career in porn…. Well she has had a 10 million dollar offer and supposedly she’s considering it … this family would do anything for attention…. From her sisters to her Dad, it just gets worse and worse. Sick of seeing these in the news 24/7.

by Adam Ennis and Eoin Healy

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