Hurling is not dead, but maybe Liam should consider his position 17/07/15 : the

Hurling is not dead, but maybe Liam should consider his position 17/07/15

| July 17, 2015

All our hopes and dreams for a summer of hurling are dead and buried following the defeat to Cork and our humiliation by Kilkenny a few weeks earlier. But is hurling itself dead and buried in this county? That is the question many people are starting to ask after the very disappointing championship of 2015.

What is puzzling a lot of people is how the passion we demonstrated on so many occasions last year has so tamely evaporated.

And you would have to say that when it comes to a game plan and tactics we also look a bit clueless at the moment. Take for example our decision to play against the wind against Cork having won the toss.

That handed an immediate advantage to our opponents and we never recovered from it. As a result the game was dead and buried at half time when Cork had a fourteen point lead.

Yes we did huff and puff a bit in the second half and closed the gap considerably but the Cork defence was strong and the outcome of this game was never really in doubt. Some would say that playing against a gale force wind was like shooting yourself in the foot and certainly that decision had a decisive impact on this game.

So after this very disappointing season attention turns to Liam and the management team and not surprisingly people are beginning to ask if it is time for a change in that area.

A lot of people seem to want change and they want it now. Liam has another year to run in his term but I believe he should think strongly about his position.

But if he does go who will replace him and will it make any difference?. That is the question we must all ask.

Some people are suggesting that JJ Doyle could latke over following his success with the under 21 players where he has brought a great spirit to the team. But there is a big gap between under 21 and senior and JJ will be fully aware of this.

If Liam goes and JJ doesn’t want the job where do we go?. I am not sure that there would be a lot of people queuing up for the job. Whoever gets it faces an enormous task trying to turn things around and the whole thing takes a mighty effort and commitment from start to finish. And then, of course, there is the negativity, some justified, and some not, but it is constant.

But back to the original question. Is hurling dead in Wexford and just awaiting Turk Kearney to arrive to take it to the grave?. Well no I don’t think so. There have been instances of Resurrections before and we have got to keep believing and hopefully hurling in this county will rise from the ashes left behind by the campaign of 2015.


Finally we skin the Cats

Well for all you doubters out there who gave me such a hard time over suggesting that the seniors might skin the Cats wasn’t the performance of the under 21s magnificent.

They well and truly skinned the Cats in Wexford Park and what great support they had on the night. It was great to see and everyone was able to enjoy the occasion because the result was beyond doubt pretty early in the game which is something we are not used to except when we are being hammered.

These guys really brought some pride back to Wexford hurling and let’s hope now that they can go all the way and bring All Ireland honours back to the county.


It’s Tipp for me

We won’t have a big interest in it but the hurling world will be watching some very exciting games with interest over the next seven weeks before one county eventually lifts All Ireland honours.

I have fancied Tipperary all along and see no reason to change at this stage, but the Cats will always be dangerous. But you know what, I don’t really care.


No word from the Queen

Did you notice we had no word from the Queen this year. She was glued to her TV in the summer of 2014 watching Wexford’s exploits but not a word from her this year. I know she had a christening last weekend so maybe that distracted her——-it was probably just as well. She’ll have been watching the tennis last week. Anyway who cares what she was doing. I have been enjoying juicy Wexford strawberries for weeks. I don’t need to go to Wimbledon to get them. That’s it folks, enjoy the rest of the summer.


by Larry O’Gorman

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