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Larry O’Gorman Sports 02/07/15

| July 2, 2015

Guiney would have made no difference in Kilkenny

Only a defeat of Cork can restore pride in Wexford hurling

As |I was leaving Nowlan Park on Sunday week after one of our heaviest defeats on a hurling field in living memory some smart-ass shouted at me asking if I was drunk when I previewed the game in the paper the previous week and suggested that we could skin the Cats.

Well to be honest I was so gutted by the performance on the day I just left it and walked on. But as bad as I felt I would say that the players felt even worse because I know the kind of effort that they had put in to prepare for this game and then to see itt all to go so wrong on the day and remember that preparation started the day the draw was made.

Before I say anything about the actual game itself and to be honest there is not much to be said about it anyhow, let me just address something which every hurling fan in the county has been talking endlessly about since a few days before the game—–the Dropping of Jack Guiney.

The question everybody has been asking is whether or not it was right to drop him just a few days before a crunch meeting with our biggest rivals. Really it doesn’t make a difference what other people think or what I may think, the fact is the management made their decision and by all accounts they were correct.

You have got to remember that there is no player bigger than the team in any sport. Jack Guiney might think he is but the reality is different.

Any sport I ever played I always wanted to be the best at it all the time and I always wanted to win and if you are going to be successful that is the attitude you have to take.

Could we have done with Jack Guiney on the day? Well the answer is simple. No one man wins a game so he would have made no real difference.

The less said about the Kilkenny game the better but the fact is that for much of that encounter our lads looked like small boys taking on giants. The whole thing was so disappointing for the supporters who travelled in such numbers to the match. For the most part they were stunned into silence. We just seemed to be tired, have no energy, no game plan and above all we lacked passion and we lacked spirit. I know these boys have it in them because they have shown it in the past but they obviously left it on the bus or somewhere because they hadn’t it on the field in Kilkenny.

The performance was so bad that it would be a waste of space here to try to go through it. Instead we must look forward to Cork this weekend. Yes it is going to be a hard game and Cork will be favourites but it is a chance for the boys to redeem themselves They will certainly not want to record another bad defeat or performance and have the summer end before it really started. We need leaders to stand up now with the aid of a proper game plan to put pride back in hurling in this county. Because there is so much at stake for this team and this management I think we will see a different Wexford team on Saturday evening and at the risk of being accused of being drunk again I think they could give Cork a run for their money. The only way the players can get everyone to forget about the disaster in Kilkenny is to knock Cork out of this year’s championship and they know that. I think it is possible for them to do it. However, if they play as badly as they did two weeks ago then I think I will just get drunk after the game.

by Larry O’Gorman


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