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A&E 02/07/15

| July 2, 2015


We ended up getting loads of feedback on last week’s A-Z of Grad Tips, so we’ll make sure to have more similar stuff in the coming weeks. The summer is well and truly under way and boredom has pretty much set in. Thanks for reading again and hope you enjoy!

Hot – America

Brilliant news from America last week as they have legalised same-sex marriage in all 50 states. This could mean massive things for the LGBT community all over the world. Similarly to Ireland, this means that same-sex couples will have the exact same marital rights as other couples. Hopefully some other massive countries will follow suit and make the change!

Not – Jose Aldo

Last time we’ll mention it, I swear! Now fair enough, people get injured in sport all the time. And I do honestly believe it was a genuine case, but surely that mistake should be on him! What I mean is; Mcgregor – love him or hate him – has been training flat out for months for the biggest fight of his life and just because Aldo was careless enough to get injured, it put Mcgregor’s title shot in jeopardy. Eventually Aldo was told he would be stripped of his belt and all of a sudden he was back in fighting form. Bottom line, if you’ve agreed to a fight as big as this, the onus is on you to make sure you’re ready when the time comes around!

Snapchat of the Week

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these. It’s mad how much we get hounded to start doing these again, so here we go.

This week’s Snapchat definitely goes to me – modest, I know. I was out in Dublin and ran into the internet sensation that is Baldy McDonagh. Just as expected He’s an absolute creature.

Useless Fact

I usually hate this every week but I heard this the other day and it blew my mind too much not to put it in.

Male ants don’t have fathers. Why? Unfertilized ant eggs become males and fertilized ones become females. Who would’ve thought…?!



Tuesday last, a few hearts were in mouths as Jose Aldo’s camp had revealed that Aldo received a cracked rib while sparring just 2 weeks before the super fight against Ireland’s very own Conor McGregor. The internet went into meltdown of course as the fight was up in the air. ‘Will it or wont it go ahead?’ Thousands of Irish are expected to make the journey to Vegas to show their support towards the Notorious.

An image then went viral of McGregor offering Aldo spare ribs – possibly the greatest photo the internet has seen. It’s either the best Photoshop ever or he actually did a photo shoot.

Wednesday came then and with the fight up in the air Dana White Mr UFC himself tweeted saying ‘Relax Everyone’. Everyone had their fingers crossed that this was a good sign and that the fight was happening. Come Thursday it was revealed that Chad Mendes had been put on replacement in case that Aldo had in fact pulled out and that Aldo would be stripped of his title and instantly news came through from Aldo’s camp that he in fact only had slightly bruised ribs which prompted McGregor to produce an epic Tweet (See picture). Maybe the whole thing was a publicity stunt but either way this fight is going ahead and it’s going to be HUGE #TeamMcgregor


Tune of the Week

Five More Hours – Deorro Ft Chris Brown


I came across Deorro a few years ago after I heard his track ‘Yee’ while scrolling through YouTube, instantly fell inlove with his music and every single electro set I’ve played since I heard of him I throw in his track ‘Lose it’. This time last year Deorro was basically unknown. When I went to Creamfields last year and one of the main reasons why is because he was playing and oh boy did he deliver. Since nobody knew who he was he played in a little tent with around 200 people at it and Martin Garrix played at the same time with 40,000 people at him but that wasa good thing as the 200 people at deorro were proper fans and not poser young ones who would have been at Martin Garrix. Chris brown then went on to release his track five hours and added crappy vocals to it and called it five more hours but it actually worked to be fair and now Deorro is one of the most famous Dj’s in the world in just the space of a year …. Crazy.

by Adam Ennis and Eoin Healy


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