Donating your unwanted clothes………to who? 30/06/15 : the

Donating your unwanted clothes………to who? 30/06/15

| June 30, 2015

When you place your unwanted clothes into the various collection bins around the county you probably assume that they make their way to the needy, either in Ireland or in some foreign land.

However, that might not be the case, particularly if you use the facility at the old Dunne’s Stores Car Park in the centre of Enniscorthy.

For some time there has been concern about the amount of clothes seemingly dumped at the back of the bin in the car park. At one stage it was thought they were just thrown there by people using the bin.

Now the real source of the problem has emerged. People searching for suitable items for themselves in the bins throw away clothes they do not want.

The searching of the bins takes place on a fairly organised basis with children being placed inside the bins to hand out clothes to waiting adults. They examine the items and either throw them to one side or pack them away..

Concerns over the practice were raised by councillors at a meeting of the Enniscorthy Municipal District Council.


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