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A&E 15/05/15

| May 15, 2015


So we’re back with another edition! It probably couldn’t have fallen on a worse week – with work and exams and all the rest, but we’ll get by! Summer’s only around the corner and we’ll be visiting all the big events over the next few weeks and writing a bit on them, so if there’s anything on in your area, please let us know! Between the two of us, we’re planning on going to all the big Irish festivals in the summer, so let us know which ones you’re going to! Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy. 🙂

What’s on and Where?

Liverpool Legends Night

On Wednesday May 27th Jack Bailey’s pub turns red to welcome one of Liverpool’s most successful players in the clubs history, the one and only Phil Neal. To put into perspective how successful Neal was as a player he has more European Cups than Manchester Utd do in their entire history. Now that’s impressive considering all you hear is that Man Utd are the best club in the world but that argument is for another day ha. Doors open 7:15 and the event starts at 8 sharp with your chance to meet and ask questions to Neal about his glamorous career which saw him win 8 League titles along with his 4 European Cups. He also and knocked up 50 caps for England as well so this is a night not to be missed for us reds !!!. Tickets are €15 and available from Mugger on 0876980378.

Irish Team Kettle Bell Fundraiser

A fundraiser teenage disco in aid of the Irish Kettlebell team who are competing in the European Championships in Lithuania will take place in Total fitness club unit 26 Westpoint Wexford on Friday May 15th from 8:30 – 11 and I’s €5. Superstar DJ on the night too 😉 I’ll be spinning the tunes so it promises to be an epic night: D

Blast from The Past

I came across this image of the Enniscorthy Motor Company online while messing around, no idea when the photo was taking but I’m guessin around the 1920’s based on the cars. If anyone has any idea of the year, tweet me @djeoinhealy!


Tune of the Week

Alvita – Warrior

I happened to just wonder upon this gem on beatport while having a browse and it’s something else! Real dirty filthy electro just the way I like it 😀 So if you’re at a house party this weekend be sure to blast this one out!

Useless Fact of the Week

Every week Adam tells me to stop doing this but it’s my favourite thing in the whole universe.

This week I have found out that Donald Duck Comics were banned from Finland as he didn’t wear any pants, young ones from Ireland would have no chance over there so!


Gay Referendum Ridiculousness

Where do I even start with all this? It’s as if this referendum is after consuming every last bit of conversation we had left. In fairness, at the start it was a nice change from the water charges but it has reached a whole new level! Unfortunately it’s only going to get worse until the thing is decided 22nd.

Firstly, I just want to say that it’s ridiculous that we’re even asked to vote on this. Out of every single country in the world to legalise same-sex marriage, Ireland is the only one to hold a referendum. I know about the constitution and all that but it makes absolutely no difference to anybody else except those who are in a same sex relationship so it makes no sense having people vote on something that will never affect them.

As annoying as the whole thing is, I have been getting a laugh out of some of the reasons put forward by the No side. I can honestly say that I haven’t heard a single statement that in my view holds any weight in this argument. It was expected that they’d be clutching at straws, but some of the posters and campaigns I’m seeing are ridiculous.

I think it’s starting to wreck most people’s heads at this stage. People need to open their minds a bit and move with the times. Homosexuality was only decriminalised like 20 years ago and looking back that seems fairly ridiculous doesn’t it? Hopefully in 20 years we’ll have the same opinion on this whole referendum. If you’re voting No on May 22nd, it’s probably about time you re-evaluate your life.

Adam out

by Adam Ennis and Eoin Healy


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