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Local senior hurling championship time again 02/05/15

| May 2, 2015

All eyes are on the senior hurling championship as the first and second rounds are set to take place on the 2nd and 3td of May and then the 9th and 10th of May. At this stage all  clubs are setting out with hope in their hearts and a belief that they can win the crown.

Shelmaliers won their first championship in 2014 after many  years in the wilderness and you have to say looking back now they really were the best team overall last year. Their success will certainly give great hope to all the teams that have not previously tasted success as this year’s competition gets underway.

The big question  now is whether or not Shels can  hold on to their title.  Time will tell  but I will say they won’t be too far away if they can repeat the same form. The next big question is can Oulart/The Ballagh come back and win it again or can Ferns put themselves in contention for the title. I know its early days yet but I can see this championship being very close and a tightly contested affair.. Both groups are very tight and will be very interesting. We will have a clearer picture  after the first two rounds. That will give us a sense of how strong (or weak) the various teams are and provide us with a better overall picture. All clubs at the present moment are putting a big effort  playing league games and also playing challenge games to sharpen up their players. But the heat is building up for be a very interesting year and from next weekend we will begin to see who has prepared best and improved most since last year’s championship..

Who do I fancy? Well I think it is really between our teams:

  1. Oulart/ The Ballagh.
  2. Shelmaliers .
  3. Ferns.
  4. St Martins.

The team I fancy most is Oulart/The Ballagh. They had a big slip up last year and by all accounts they are putting in a mighty effort so far this year and are hungry for success again.

But don’t write off any of the other three. Oulart are short priced favourites with Walsh bookmakers to regain the title and you can see all the prices he is offering I you fancy a flutter on your local team


You may well  ask what about the rest? Well it would take a hell of a effort for any side outside these teams to make the break through, but if Lady Luck is on their side who knows they could prove me wrong and cause a big upset we’ll just have to wait and see. By the way good luck to everyone involved.


From all the players who will take to the field from the start of the championship next weekend I have picked out eight that I think will have a big influence on how things end up. .


Paul Morris ( Ferns )

Joe Kelly     (Shel’s)

Lee Chin.   ( Harriers )

Liam og McGovern ( St Anne’s )

Liam Ryan ( Rapps)

Joe Coleman ( St Martins)

Des Mythen   (Oulart)

John O Conner ( Shamrocks).


     No need for sambos

No need for any sambos this weekend  as the local championship kicks off. With all the games being played locally you’ll have plenty of time to have your dinner before you go. Bacon and cabbage it is for me.. By the way,. following last week’s piece there was a  big sale on mushy peas in the shops. They  can’t keep them on the shelves, I hear. Anyone with suggestions on on the best sandwiches to make for a match day send it to larryothebrother@gmail.com

See you next time.

by Larry O’Gorman


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