It’s nearly ham sandwich time again 18/04/15 : the

It’s nearly ham sandwich time again 18/04/15

| April 18, 2015

Hi folks. The national league semi finals are  going on at the moment but some  people say that when you are not competing in them yourself your focus tends to go  towards the championship. So this week I will have a look at the up and coming Munster and Leinster championships as we all know they are the main competitions before all roads lead to Croke Park for the  quarter finals and semi finals of the All Ireland and then the big prize, the Liam McCarthy Cup decider.

But first to the teams that are competing for the  Munster and Leinster crowns  where they will all have to do battle against each other before any talk of even getting to an All Ireland never mind winning it. So as the summer gets closer (and wasn’t the weather great last week) and the build up to the big games are almost upon us, it is time to ask who will win Munster and who will win Leinster?

. Well I will give you my predictions, First we will look at Leinster where we have to consider Kilkenny – Dublin – Galway and Wexford. To me these are the only teams that have a chance of winning it. I would have tipped Kilkenny but with all their recent retirements I think they will come up short this year. It would be great to see Wexford win but I also think they will come up short. Galway will be there abouts if they can hit form but my vote goes to Dublin. Under the management of Ger Cunningham they look good for the title and have looked very promising so far . But they won’t have it all their own way. They will still have to work very hard to win it, but I l think they are good enough to beat anyone if they hit form on the day.

Now let’s look at Munster. The Munster Championship is the most talked about competition in hurling and it has been that way for decades. Yet when it comes to winning All-Irelands they often find it very difficult ( besides Tipperary that is)

So who will win the Munster title? Well it’s going to be really interesting to see who comes out on top here because several teams have a realistic chance of success. Tipperary – Clare – Cork – Waterford – Limerick–are  all teams capable of winning. Sometimes in Munster the outcome  depends on where the final is played and that has been the case for years. But I feel no matter where the final is  played this year I would fancy Tipperary to come out winners in the end..Munster, should be interesting from the start of the championship with Cork and Clare on the up and you would have to say that both have a chance of success but I will still stick with Tipperary. I am not forgetting Waterford or Limerick, of course, but  to me they are both young teams that are still not ready to cause any upset this year. But they are sides for the future

So for me it’s Dublin and Tipperary


Players to look out for this year

Key players are very important to any team and these are the guys I think will make the difference between success and failure in 2015

Leinster- Dublin – Danny Sutcliffe is in great form at the moment can have a big say for Dublinr.

Wexford – Liam Og McGovern can drive this Wexford team on leading from the front.

Kilkenny – Once again Richie Hogan can be their leader.

Galway- Joe Canning could have a big say this year and he will have to if Galway  are to succeed.

Munster -Tipperary – Seamus Callahan is a match winner on his day and I think he will have a big year for Tipp.

Clare – Tony Kelly is an all rounder, a very skillful  hurler who  always gets on the score board.

Cork -Patrick Horgan  is another match winner and if Cork are to succeed this year he could be the main man.

Waterford – Austin Gleason is a young and bright hurler and for a young man he shows great leadership qualities


 Don’t be foolish

Remember folks this is only my prediction. Of course I would love Wexford to win but after last year everyone will be on guard and know what to expect from us, so we would have to  improve on last year if we do who knows what might happen.

By the way if you are  going to have a bet make your own choices. After all remember  it’s your money not mine.

Roll on the championship

Can’t wait till I start making my sambos again. My favorite ones are ham and mustard. I just  love them. Would you beleive I have a friend called  Toddy who always brings mushy peas sandwiches to the games and he manages to eat them without getting the peas all over his face. And  he’s not too bad at pulling points either. See you next time.

– by Larry O’Gorman


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