The six players who hold the key to our championship prospects 05/04/15 : the

The six players who hold the key to our championship prospects 05/04/15

| April 5, 2015

Well that’s all folks, at least as far as Wexford Hurlers’ league campaign is concerned.. Now we can only look forward to this year’s  championship with both the management team and the  hurlers and hope, yes hope, that this time around we can win some silverware.

Of course it’s going to be tough, nobody ever said it was going to be easy. Yes last year was a good year, or even maybe a great year. It depends how you look at it and while some people recognise progress and are content with that others are not really happy in the absence of winning something and let’s be honest those unfortunate people have had long faces on them for quite a while now. But I think it’s fair to say that we all  got a great buzz out of  the matches last year and  whether  travelling away or staying at  home the boys did their county proud and so did all the great supporters. If you remember all went well until the Limerick game when our shortcomings were badly exposed., I said then and I still hold the view that we probably just ran out of legs in the end or perhaps just weren’t good enough on the big stage or more likely a combination of both. But  that’s all behind us now and we can only look forward and hopefully learn from the mistakes of the past..

It won’t be just us  supporters that will be expecting a big year from our boys.. A lot of other counties will be treating us with respect and rightly so. But the big question is can we go one further than last year and that remains to be seen. I suppose my main concern is whether or not we can  get a settled team now at this present moment and stick with it in the run up to the championship. A lot of people, particularly those who have been following Wexford hurling for years are asking if we have a game plan at all and if we have can we get it right and stick to it, I believe the management team have a plan and will be working on it in the build up to the championship and I am sure they also have Plan B if needed. The difficulty for a lot of people is that their plan has not been very obvious over the past couple of months

But even if you have a plan that is only half the story you also need to have the passion and pride in the jersey you are wearing
Passion and pride can often be the difference between victory and defeat in a game.. This year’s championship will be a big test for the boys. We are not sure who we are facing  in the first round  until the qualifiers are finished. The qualifiers are for the lower grade teams and that’s not disrespecting them. We do know whoever comes out to face us in the first round will put it up to us There are no soft games in the championship proper.  The other thing we know is that whoever wins our opening game the prize is a meeting with Kilkenny. in the Leinster Semi Final. Enough said for now about that encounter.

So where are our strengths and weaknesses. Who are the men that could be the difference between victory and defeat for us and who are the players who must perform if we are to enjoy a decent championship run and perhaps even win something. Well here are my thoughts on the key players for Wexford this year.

  1. Liam Ryan: You could play him in any line of defence he simply never gives up. A really strong and important member of the team.
  2. Mathew O’ Hanlon: On his day he has the ability to stop any forward from scoring but he must remain strong and focused at all times
  3. Lee Chin: He is coming in to great form at the right time and we know he can hurl anywhere butfor me centre back looks like his best position.
  4. Paul Morris: Here is one stylish hurler and a good free taker as well. When he gets on to plenty of the  ball he can do any team damage.
  5. Conor MacDonald: Here is another potential match winner any day he strikes form. A lot expected of him this year after a great showing a year ago. I’am sure he will deliver.
  6. Liam Og McGovern: He is in great form at the  present moment and let’s hope he can bring his form in to this year’s championship. I believe this guy can be our trump card this year.


I know it is a team effort and they’ll all give it their best  shot for the team but I feel  these six boys I picked will be the back bone of the team when the championship kicks off.

Now I can’t wait for the whole thing to start.


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