The day we handed a gift to Limerick 18/03/15 : the

The day we handed a gift to Limerick 18/03/15

| March 18, 2015

Well Brother it’s good to be back after the winter break. You know the evenings will soon be getting a bit longer and the weather a bit warmer when people start talking about hurling again and that has been the case for the past few weeks as another hurling year gets underway. As always we start the year full of hope and optimism even if we are used to having all that hope kicked out of us mid way through the summer over the years.

But it’s strange isn’t it the way you forget all the disappointments over the winter and are ready to go again with great passion at the start of the new season. Well on way to Wexford Park last Sunday I was full of that hope and optimism. It was  a lovely sunny day and I was thinking if we could win today it would put us in  a great position to top the group because we must be fancied to win our last two games. That would have put us in great shape coming up  to the championship,.

After a good start by Wexford things were looking very promising. They really looked as if they were  very much  up for the game running at Limerick and putting them under pressure  At this stage things were really looking good and there was a feeling among the large crowd that this would be Wexford’s day and you could really sense the confidence. Even at this of the game things were looking good..

It was even enough during the opening exchanges  but then Wexford came alive with Liam Og McGovern scoring a cracker of a goal  which was well worth the entrance money alone.. You could see that the team got a great lift from that because they were very fired up after the score  Wexford were really looking  good at this stage  but then Limerick  hit back with a goal from John  Fitzgibbon and a well taken goal it was too,  but there was great reply by Wexford with Liam Og flicking the ball to Guiney and this time Guiney rattled the net.  Wexford were now  driving on and with Liam  Og, Guiney, Ian Byrne and Paul Morris all adding points  Wexford were suddenly 8 points in front with 25 minutes gone. Happy Days I said to myself. Limerick did fight back through Hannon and Fitzgibbon  points and then Shane Dowling got what can only be described as a soft goal from a (65) and all of a sudden the Wexford advantage was down to just three points at the break..

At the end of the interval the Limerick lads were in the same position as the spectators, waiting, waiting for the game to restart as Wexford took their time  coming back on to the field. While Wexford were still in the dressing room you  could see that Limerick were ready to throw everything at Wexford.

.And that they did right from the throw-in as they ran and ran at Wexford putting them on the back foot and it did pay off as they picked off  some lovely well taken points Then there was another well taken goal by Hannon.and all of a sudden Wexford were very defensive and began to lose their shape. It  was worrying at this stage and  I wasn’t the only one scratching my head.

Wexford then brought in  fresh legs with Paudge Doran and Conor Macdonald  introduced just to liven up the game in around the forward line where we were struggling at this stage.The game was close enough even though Limerick did look to be in control and then Wexford  came alive again and points from Doran, O’Keeffe and David Redmond  put our lads 3 points clear. You could feel the tension in the crowd between both sets of supporters and  I wasn’t sure if it was good or bad.

But I did feel if we  got another score  or two at this stage we would have gone on to win  but we didn’t and I beleive we lost the game there and then, because Limerick weren’t finished and they threw everything at us and after three or four efforts at goal they  finally got through for a David Breen score.  With the  teams level and only  minutes to go Wexford did battle on and were awarded a free in.

Guiney stuck it well between the posts. We were  one up and the game was almost over. It  looked as if it had to go Wexford’s way, but somehow it wasn’t to be. Limerick’s sub Sean O Brien and Shane Dowling  stuck over a point each leaving them one point in front at the final whistle. One that got away, Yes. We are improving but we still have a lot of work l to do. It was really a case of us gifting the game to Limerick.


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