GAA fans face tighter controls 21/01/15 : the

GAA fans face tighter controls 21/01/15

| January 21, 2015

GAA fans attending club games at Wexford Park face a new parking crackdown when the 2015 season begins.

Traffic and parking regulations have been in place for major games at the venue for some time but they have not been enforced for less well attended matches.

The result has been chaotic parking and problems for residents when these games take place. The Mayor of Wexford, George Lawlor , told a meeting of the Traffic Management Committee that the problems had been resolved for the big games but it was a different story for smaller clubs games with only three or four hundred people attending.

Now a meeting of all interested parties including the GAA and residents is to be called to discuss the problem and set up strict guidelines which can be enforced on every occasion there is a game at the county venue.

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