Bad weather hits turnout in local elections : the

Bad weather hits turnout in local elections

| May 23, 2014

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As expected the early turnout in the local and European elections is slow. The polls opened at 7am across the county but there were few early voters. Bad weather across most parts of the constituency is unlikely to help turnout in the afternoon although observers feel that numbers will improve significantly after tea with students returning from Dublin and those working away from home likely to swell numbers.

 There was a strong late push by all parties and independent candidates in the closing stages of the campaign with Oireachtas members joining the local candidates on the doorsteps. As the campaign entered its final stage there were signs that all parties are now seeing evidence of the trends seen in national opinion polls emerging in Wexford and that is good news for Independent candidates and Sinn Fein.

However, with many of the later seats in each of the districts likely to be decided by a handful of votes turnout will be crucial and all parties will be watching the turnout trends carefully throughout the day.

Interest in the European election poll is very low and there were even some reports this morning of people turning up to vote in the local elections but not taking the ballot paper for the European election and in other cases taking the paper but not filling it in.

Among  the early voters at St. Senan’s Community Centre in Enniscorthy on Friday morning were Ann, Kerry and Harry Monaghan (pictured left) and Margaret Murphy and Biddy Brooks.

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