| April 18, 2014

The staggering cost of dealing with stray horses Wexford Co. Council spent €137,000 dealing with stray horses in the county last year with a Cork company retained to provide impounding and slaughter services, councillors heard this week.

As the draft bye-laws for the control of horses was presented to members, councillors raised issues about the cost of the service and also the difficulties land owners face when dealing with the problem of stray animals on their property.

Cllr Paddy Kavanagh said there was a requirement on landowners to provide details of the exact land folio for the property on which the horses were found before they were impounded, despite the fact that the stray animals were often not identified by chip or anything else.

Cllr Declan McPartlin questioned the amount of money being spent on impounding animals and suggested abandoned animals should be put down.

In future Co. Wexford will be the Control area where the keeping of a horse will require a licence. But there will be exceptions for riding stables, breeding establishments and some other categories.

There will be restrictions on having horses in a public place in certain circumstances and it will also be possible to seize horses straying on public roads and on private lands, in certain circumstances.

According to figures released to councillors this week the stray horse problem appears to be getting worse. In all of 2013 one hundred and sixty two horses were impounded, but the number to mid-April this year is exactly half that number.

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