| April 18, 2014

Kate and GeorgeWhile Michael D was dining with the Queen her grandson was embarking on his first official visit with a trip to New Zealand, with Mum and Dad, Kate and William.

I watched some of the news coverage of the visit——-purely for the purposes of fact finding for this column you understand———-and it’s quite unbelievable really what some of those royal correspondents come out with.

There was, for example, a whole discussion about whether or not little George looked tired after the flight and then as he raised his hand to rub his eyes came the comment ‘it’s his first official royal wave’

And then it was on to Kate and the fact that her outfit was such that she could have been mistaken for one of the hostesses on the airline. Personally I thought her outfit was quite fetching and I think the chances of her being mistaken for one of the staff were fairly slim. It wasn’t  as if the royal couple were travelling in steerage, after all



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