No Sky in the Seventies in Rome! : the

No Sky in the Seventies in Rome!

| April 18, 2014

I can understand why a lot of GAA people were very angry when they discovered they would have to pay a subscription to Sky if they wanted to see certain GAA games this year but as a student in Rome in the mid nineteen seventies I would have given anything to be able to see GAA games on TV.

There was no chance of that and it was even very difficult at times to get an Irish newspaper to get results of matches. I can recall tip- toeing down in the middle of the night to read Monday’s papers in the post grad lounge in the Irish College as the general student body did not have access to them. The Rector caught me one night but I made certain to be down for morning prayer the following morning. The only problem was he didn’t turn up! We had to content ourselves with  one game a year against Aer Lingus from London and it was something to really look forward to. There was no GAA club in the city then and one was only formed a couple of years ago. Glynn-Barntown visited that club in February of this year and it was certainly a nostalgic trip for yours truly! We like to think we have the best games in the world and isn’t it time that we made a serious attempt to truly internationalise the games? I think the Sky deal will help with this but was it not possible to give RTE delayed transmission of the Sky games? I think that would have satisfied everybody.

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