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| April 18, 2014

Time to put the egg on the pan

Welcome back to another instalment of our new cookery guide here at The Chronicle. As we said last week we’ll be keeping it simple, because we know what we are dealing with. Just in case you missed last week, or you have forgotten our instructions, remember we are about to fry an egg.

Yes I know it’s not something we normally feature in our TV programmes or in our books, but this is a low budget column for low budget people so that’s what we’re doing.

As I said last week the first thing to do when frying an egg is to actually get an egg, so you should by now have completed the journey to the supermarket and picked up your eggs and taken them home.

Now I’ll pass you over to Strawberry to guide you through the next stage of the process. ‘Oh thank you Delicious’. And hello to you all in Wexford. I hope you realise just how fortunate you are to have Delicious and myself taking time out of our very busy schedules to pen this column.

Any by this stage you should have your egg at home and be ready for the next stage in the process. You will have e collected your egg in the supermarket in an egg box. It is essential that you remove the egg from the egg carton or box before attempting to cook it.

If you leave the egg in the egg carton and attempt to fry it in the box it will be a total mess. So remember it’s very important to take the egg out of the egg box before attempting to put it on the frying pan.

So now carefully remove the egg from the egg carton. Leave it safely on the work counter as you get out your frying pan. I know it may seem obvious, but you can’t actually fry an egg without putting it on a frying pan.

Heat the frying pan on the cooker, but be careful not to burn your fingers. Now we are coming to the tricky part. Soon you will have to put the egg on the frying pan, but you will have to remove it from its shell first.

So now take the egg, tap it gently on the side of the pan and once the egg is cracked break it gently over the pan allowing the egg to flow onto the hot surface. You are nearly there. Leave the egg on the pan for a few moments and it will soon start to cook.

If you like you could grab a can of beer and enjoy a drink while waiting until the egg is ready. But drink it quickly because the egg will not take long.

Well I am afraid tha’s all we have time for (or are paid for) for this week, but do join us again next week by which time the egg should be cooked and we tell you how to remove it from the pan for eating.

Have a good week.

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